Jobs available

We are always on the lookout for specialists who are passionate and creative. If this sounds like you, send your CV to and we’ll be in touch if we have any openings in your field of expertise. Questions? Feel free to call: 865822844.


We are looking for Finance/Treasury Specialist with analytical capabilities, attention to the details and high level of focus to strengthen our financial team in the area of Treasury.


We are looking for a Sales Representative for the US market to play an essential role in opening new sales channels.


We are looking for Senior Financial Controller which will be responsible for developing and running management reporting structure necessary for our business. The successful candidate will play a critical role in ensuring financial accuracy, compliance, and efficiency within the organization.


We are looking for experienced Logistics Specialist with good organisational skills, attention to the details and proper knowledge in the field.

What does it take to create innovative products and find markets for them across the globe? More than anything else, it takes great people.


And at Deeper, we know what makes great people tick.
We offer the chance to work creatively on rapidly developing projects with plenty of scope for your professional input. Then there is our modern office, set in Vilnius Tech Park Sapiegos. Plus there’s the experience of being in an internationally focused company with opportunities to travel to events and conferences. And of course, there are the training opportunities and competitive salaries we offer.


But what really makes great people tick is other great people. With experts in a diverse range of fields across our R&D, sales, marketing and production teams, we are truly a team of specialists. We share our expertise easily thanks to our horizontal management structure, enabling us to always find the right solutions. And, through collaboration, we educate and inspire one another.