Deeper Lock Pro

A smart security system which combines keyless smart locking with anti-theft alerts and an in-built 110dB alarm – the ultimate deterrent.

The Deeper Lock PRO packs a tech-powered punch to keep your bike secure. The steel-reinforced lock is mounted directly onto your bike. You lock and unlock the 12mm hardened steel locking element via the app on your phone. Once locked, the motion sensors are ready to detect any attempt to tamper with your bike. If these are triggered, an anti-theft alert is sent direct to your phone and a 110dB alarm sounds. Easy to use thanks to its keyless locking and self-charging solar batteries, the Deeper Lock PRO also lets you share access to your bike via your mobile to anyone, anywhere. It’s the perfect combination of security and usability.

Main Features : 110dB alarm, Anti-theft alerts, Keyless hardened steel locking element, Self-charging

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