Empowering bikers with all of Deeper Lock’s tough security, plus GPS tracking and unlimited-range anti-theft alerts – the PRO + provides the smartest, toughest bike security on the market.

Boasting a 110dB alarm and a keyless, hardened steel locking element, the PRO + gives you extra control over your bike security with GPS tracking and GSM anti-theft messaging. GPS tracking is activated if Deeper Lock’s motion sensors are triggered while it is locked. Location data is then sent direct to your phone. Plus, an anti-theft alert is sent direct to your phone – and using GSM for this means it has unlimited range. Shareable, keyless and self-charging, it is also super-convenient to use. The PRO + is the only smart lock on the market to with GPS and unlimited range anti-theft alerts.

Main Features : GPS tracking, Unlimited range anti-theft alerts, 110dB alarm, Self-charging

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