Who We Are

At Deeper, we believe in breaking new ground, every second, every minute, every day. Our mission is to take everyday objects used in sports and outdoor activities, and transform them into the most advanced cutting-edge smart devices.

Take the Deeper smart sonar, the world’s first wireless echo sounder compatible with iOS and Android devices. Today, Deeper’s range of smart sonar devices are sold in more than 50 countries, enabling avid anglers from Sydney to Singapore, Michigan to Manchester to experience a completely new way of fishing. And the Deeper App is the leading fish finder app on Google Play and App Store.

Recognised as the most successful young high-tech company in Lithuania, we have also won numerous international awards for our products. And with our R&D department hard at work every day, new prototypes for groundbreaking smart devices are coming out all the time. Our team has doubled in size in the last year, and we have ambitious development plans. That’s why, despite our many successes so far, we will keep on breaking new ground, every second, every minute, every day.

Latest Awards

We have picked up numerous awards as a company, in recognition of the unique way we approach innovation and business. These include the award for the most successful young high-tech company in Lithuania in 2015, a Swedish business award in 2014 for our CEO, Aurelijus Liubinas, and the award for Content Marketing at the 2016 Best Internet awards by Lithuanian business daily Verslo Zinios.

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What We Do

How do we find smart, engaging uses for the most advanced technologies? Simple. It takes boundless creativity and endless enthusiasm. We understand that true innovation comes from having both an open mind and a passionate heart.

That’s why we forge connections with like-minded people: suppliers who share our quality standards, business partners who bring value to everything they do.

But our most important connection is with the people who use our products. Whether they are seasoned pros, dedicated enthusiasts or bright-eyed beginners, we’re always listening to our customer-base. And from them, we have learned to design smart devices that are accessible and intuitive to use.